Kayode Creates a Community Conversational Piece with his LP "experience"

In today's world, parents and guardians of teenagers in high school have some major challenges. With access to social media and the internet, adolescents have the information of the world at their fingertips; that can be both good and bad. 

Kayode has created a tool for elders in the community to help bridge the communication gap. 

His musical LP, "experience," highlights some of the topics that teenagers want to explore as well as some advice that many parents and guardians hope to instill in their children.

If you're having issues introducing discussions around these issues, then you can't afford to ignore this musical CD:Premarital sex

Unprotected sex

A Male asking a Female on a date


Pursuing a Goal in Life

Calming Your Mind

Kidnapping/Human Trafficking

Learning Lessons the Hard Way

Sharing Knowledge

If any of these issues are still a concern for you, the songs delivered in a mid-tempo, understandable, old school hip-hop tone is something your teen will tolerate if they know that you are playing it to them out of love. They may even like some of the songs! This has been tested with at-risk youth (some of which have been convicted of felonies), and the teens definitely appreciated the insight and musicality of the CD. Get your autographed copy today! It just may be the most valuable music you have ever purchased to help your child make sound, educated decisions in their young life. One song may be the key to a big breakthrough in their life! Order your limited edition autographed copy and get a download of some of Kayode's number one underground hits now!