Kayode's ''experience" Autographed CD

Kayode's ''experience" Autographed CD

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Are you tired of running into a brick wall when trying to talk some sense into your teenager(s)? Are you trying to connect with them in meaningful ways so that they can make more responsible decisions? Here is a musical album that can help you connect with them. The songs on here help break the ice and talk about some deep subjects to prevent some premature, life-changing issues like teen pregnancy, child abduction, human trafficking, hustling in the streets and trying to grow up too fast. This is an autographed copy of the limited edition first print of Kayode's CD entitled "experience". Buy this CD and also get newer songs downloaded IMMEDIATELY for FREE! Songs included on the CD are:

1. Introduction

2. E.W.M.C. [Equal With My Creator]

3. The Fact of the Matter (Featuring Afrikan Onyx) [Reality presents facts of the matter]

4. G.O.Y.A. + Teach (Featuring !LLMIND and BeatStars [Contribute to your community]

5. S.O.H.K. [School of Hard Knocks]

6. HaS + Learn [Have a seat and learn from elders]

7. Break the Cycle [Prevent abduction and kidnapping]

8. Kalimba Song Interlude [Relax with African djembe drum and kalimba]

9. G.A.P (Gimme Apple Pie) [Seduction can flatter, but get grown first]

10. Au Naturale [Beauty without massive makeup and chemicals in hair]

11. 15 Minute Broke [Safe Sex Promo]

12. Let It Go [Relief from politics and stress]

13. Dreams [Chase your dreams or attract your goals]

14. Au Naturale (Holy Grail Radio Edit)

FREE DOWNLOAD songs are in mp3 format and include:

Appetite for Construction [Build instead of destroying]

B2B [How a man works to date appropriately: #1 on KMIX Radio in Los Angeles - May 2018]

#BlackLivesMatter [Won "Best Rap / Conscious Song" category by the Akademia - January 2016]

Cashflow [How to earn income the right way - LEGALLY]